A collection of Python tools aimed at evolving into a modeling toolchain around OpenGeoSys.

In this project we’ll collect existing pre and postprocessing scripts for OpenGeoSys at first. Over time we’ll develop an entire toolchain out of that collection. Currently we are at the stage of code collection.

Please donate your existing Python tools for OpenGeoSys#

This can be done via merge request or via issue. For both we have set up templates for the merge request or issue description that will ask you for some details, e.g., purpose, features, application background of your contribution.

Use the merge request option if you want to contribute some tool that is very likely useful for many users of OGS.

Use the issue option if you have a bunch of scripts in some repository, out of which some might be useful for others and some are too special. However, the merge request option is preferred.

Minimum requirements for a donation#

  • The Python scripts must be syntactically correct code.

  • There should be a short feature and usage description, e.g., in form of a README file

  • Please do not add large amounts of data.

  • You as a donator must have the right to donate the code, i.e., you are the sole author or all authors agree.

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